VIX Securities distributes dividends and bonus shares at a total rate of 20%

VIX Securities Joint Stock Company (HOSE: VIX) will submit to the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to pay dividends and bonus shares with a total rate of 20%. Completing the 2023 business plan and paying dividends and bonus shares

Recently, VIX Securities Company announced information about submitting to the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to pay dividends and bonus shares. Specifically, VIX Securities will pay dividends in 2023 in shares at a rate of 10%, and at the same time issue bonus shares to increase equity capital from equity sources for shareholders, also at a rate of 10%. The total percentage shareholders receive is 20%.


In the recent 2023 business plan, VIX Securities built an orientation to develop two main pillars: brokerage and proprietary trading, which are VIX’s strengths. In fact, the operating results in 2023 have proven the correctness of this direction. The newly released 2023 audited financial report shows that, at the end of 2023, VIX recorded a total revenue of 1,624 billion VND, an increase of 36.7% compared to the previous year. Pre-tax profit reached 1,198.8 billion VND, tripled compared to the previous year (2022 reported pre-tax profit of 376.3 billion VND). Profit after tax reached 966.4 billion VND, more than 3 times higher than the previous year.


Explaining the reason for the sudden increase in profits, VIX said that in 2023, the market experienced positive developments, with the VN-Index increasing by 12% compared to the beginning of the year, leading to significant growth in the Company’s proprietary securities portfolio. Revenue from profits from financial assets recognized through profit/loss (FVTPL) increased by 39.6%, while losses from financial assets recognized through profit/loss (FVTPL) decreased by 52% compared to the previous year.


By the end of 2023, the Company’s outstanding debt from margin lending activities also reached VND 3,000 billion, an increase of 168% compared to the beginning of the year, leading to an increase in profit from receivables and lending activities in 2023 by 31.8% compared to the previous year.


Putting the new software XPower into operation


In January 2024, XPower – the new stock trading platform of VIX Securities, was officially deployed synchronously on both platforms, WebTrading and MobileTrading. XPower brings superior utilities to serve investors such as increased order processing speed and additional trading utilities; helps investors manage assets and make investments conveniently, quickly, and effectively. This is the latest move in the process of implementing VIX’s orientation to develop investment activities and apply technology, combining artificial intelligence (AI) in stock trading. More specifically, with the desire to bring customers unlimited experiences of trading utilities and provide a safe investment platform with outstanding processing speed, VIX has continuously improved its processing capacity, storage, system security, and combined artificial intelligence (AI) to provide superior customer care and specialized information. It can be said that improved financial capacity, along with scientific and synchronous investment in technology, will be the foundation for VIX to seize growth opportunities in the new market context.

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