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Warning about fraudulent impersonation of VIX Securities


Dear Customer,

VIX Securities Joint Stock Company would like to inform Customers about: some subjects have committed fraudulent acts, impersonating VIX Securities Joint Stock Company in the following forms:

– Impersonate a VIX company employee or a VIX cooperation partner, call, text via messaging applications (SMS, Zalo, Messenger, Telegram, Viber…) to invite customers to participate in courses securities with high fees; receive recommendations on stock investment; inviting registration to use brokerage services, stock trading, etc.

– The subjects intentionally used the Company’s trading name, photos/titles of the Company’s Board of Directors; fake websites; applications with names and logos similar to VIX to commit fraudulent acts, to entice customers to make illegal investments; Appropriation of Customer’s property.

With the purpose of raising vigilance and ensuring information and asset security, VIX recommends that customers: Absolutely keep account information, login name, and securities trading password confidential by:

– Do not provide personal information such as: full name, ID card/CCCD, phone number,… to any individual, unit, or organization if in doubt.

– Do not access, log in, download applications… through calls, messages, emails without clearly identifying the origin.

– Do not make payments or transfer money to any individual or organization without verifying accurate information. Only make deposits and transfers to VIX Securities Joint Stock Company’s securities trading accounts announced on the company‘s official website .

Note : Customers only connect, access information and make transactions with VIX Securities Joint Stock Company on the following official channels:

– By website with official domain name

– Online Transaction page

– Windows computer application at

– Android mobile application at

– iOS mobile application at

VIX has no liability for any violations of the law by entities that do not have any relationship with VIX. We are also not responsible for any costs, expenses, or losses incurred related to operations on apps and websites that are not on the official list mentioned above. The Company also would like to confirm: Members of the Company’s Board of Directors do not participate in lecturing or organizing any online or offline courses.

Once again, VIX Securities Joint Stock Company sincerely thanks and looks forward to continuing to receive the trust and companionship of our customers.

For more detailed information, please contact:

– Hotline: 024 4456 8888

– Customer care email:

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