Activities & Services

Activities & Services

Underwriting securities issuance

Nearly 20 years of effective operation in the stock market, VIX has a deep understanding of the operations of businesses and the business environment in Vietnam. VIX provides a full range of consulting services to businesses.

Corporate Finance and Underwriting services provided by VIX include:

  • Listing securities/transaction registration advisory
    • Publicizing businesses advisory;
    • Stock/bond registration at Vietnam Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation advisory;
    • Listing shares at Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX)/Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) or registering for UPCOM trading advisory;
    • Listing/registering for trading of corporate bonds advisory.
  • Securities issuance (stocks/bonds) advisory :
    • Private/public issuance of stocks/bonds advisory; Initial public offering (IPO) advisory;
    • Underwriting and issuing agents.
  • Business restructuring, business type conversion advisory
    • Analyzing and evaluating the current status of the business;
    • Developing plans for financial restructuring, corporate governance, and appropriate types of businesses;
    • Proposing optimal solutions for restructuring.
  • M&A advisory
    • Developing strategies, search and select candidates for merger/acquisition;
    • Surveying and determining business value for M&A;
    • In-depth Due Diligence advisory
    • Choosing merger and acquisition methods advisory;
    • Legal appraisal advisory;
    • Capital restructuring and building long-term development plans advisory.

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