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As technology trends continue to evolve, so do the methods employed by technology fraudsters, who are increasingly sophisticated in manipulating psychology to misappropriate property.

In recent times, instances of fraud and impersonation have risen in frequency, diversity, and sophistication, aimed at deceiving customers and seizing their assets. To safeguard your transactions at VIX, we would like to remind you to be vigilant against fraudulent schemes, particularly the following:

  • Individuals impersonating officials from management agencies (Police, Taxation, etc.) call customers, falsely claiming that they need to declare or update information on public service platforms such as VNEID, VSSID, eTax, etc.
  • Perpetrators send links to customers, directing them to install counterfeit applications, and instruct them to log in and conduct transactions such as password changes or payment for public services. This grants the perpetrators access to the device and subsequently to banking applications, e-wallets, securities applications, etc., enabling them to misappropriate property.
  • Perpetrators may initiate video calls using platforms such as Facetime, Zalo, etc., and employ AI technology to match faces of relatives, using this information to solicit further details.

VIX recommends that customers enhance their vigilance and take proactive measures to prevent falling victim to fraudulent schemes, employing the following solutions:

  • Avoid accessing unfamiliar links/QR codes/applications sent through channels such as Zalo, Facebook, Viber, etc., or from anonymous accounts.
  • Refrain from granting full control of the device to applications.
  • Refuse to divulge transaction passwords or SMS OTP/Smart OTP information to anyone.
  • Promptly uninstall suspicious applications and restore the device’s operating system if a strange application is detected.
  • Utilize the caller blocking function [Block/report spam] on your phone for numbers suspected of fraudulent activity.
  • Never store sensitive information such as photos of ID/CCCD/Personal Passport, bank account numbers, or passwords for banking/stock trading applications on mobile devices.
  • Verify requests for work from individuals claiming to be authorities by contacting local authorities.
  • Regularly change your stock trading account password.

If you suspect any unusual activity on your securities trading account at VIX, please contact the hotline at 024.44568888 or your Account Manager for assistance.

Warm regards,

VIX Securities Joint Stock Company

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