Product and Services

Cost optimization – Free of charge margin

1. 3-DAY INTEREST FREE PRODUCT POLICY DESCRIPTION Content Detail Number of interest-free days 03 days from disbursement date Interest rate after interest-free period From the 4th day onwards, applying...
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VIX30 Portfolio – Preferential interest rate 9.9%/year

VIX30 PORTFOLIO – PREFERENTIAL INTEREST RATE 9.9%/YEAR PRODUCT POLICY Product VIX30 Stock portfolio Portfolio of 30 VIX-Selected Stocks, evaluated via Specialized Criteria Portfolio details HERE The maximum outstanding debt...
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0.1% Transaction Fee Package

0.1% TRANSACTION FEE PACKAGE 1. PRODUCT POLICY DESCRIPTION During the program implementation period, newly opened or re-traded accounts will incur a preferential fee of 0.1% on all transactions conducted...
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